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Campaign Creation

Craft and execute exclusive marketing activation opportunities for your brand to engage with consumers in the most interactive and innovative ways.
Wow, I keep seeing this brand everywhere!

OTT/Linear Advertising

Put your brand in front of new consumers with pre/mid/post roll ads on our network or direct campaigns across our full network/syndication partners for maximum exposure.
Look ma, we're on TV!

Digital Advertising

Access premium digital advertising inventory curated from the industries most exclusive advertising channels for both traditional as well as Cannabis & CBD/Hemp compliant brands.
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Event Sponsorship

Access premier sponsor and event opportunities for the cannabis & hemp industry with the highest level of on the ground fulfillment to maximize return on investment (ROI).
Did you get those free gummies at that booth?!

Brand Integrations

Reach a captivated & engaged audience with a seamless brand integration that creatively and authentically integrates your brand into compelling content from original series to established fan favorites.
Did you see us on that last episode?!


Target prospective customers in highly specific, geographically restricted areas across our broad networks down to the zip code.
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“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”

Bill Bernbach

Step One: Consultation

Discover how to save money, capture more customers, and grow your business with a free consultation with one of our advertising specialists. We customize industry leading techniques across a variety of channels to fit the goals of ANY campaign — large or small.

Step Two: Design

We partner with your team to develop an integrated mix of marketing strategies that will drive ROI and achieve your marketing and advertising objectives in a cost-effective manner.


Step Three: Implement

Our branding specialists and fulfillment team work seamlessly with each stakeholder to ensure a flawless execution of every aspect of the campaign along with a timely delivery of campaign results and key deliverables. 

Our Advertising Paths


- 71% of all Internet users also use OTT services.
- 76% of US households have a connected TV device.
- Engaged and relevant audiences create a better ROI than traditional video advertising does.
- Millions of impressions a month
- Unmatched CPM
  • Brand Integrations
    Advertising: Pre-Mid-Post Roll
    Content/Investor Relations
    And mant more


- Ad placement and audience targeting are the top ways that advertisers drive more demand.
- Geofencing and Demo-Specific Targeting
- 100% Compliant Ad Placement
- Flexibility Across Channels
- Easily Measurable
  • Static/Video Banner Ads
    Email Campaigns
    Social Media Integrations
    And many more


- 90% of customers who make local searches from mobile take an action
- Users engage 100 -120% more with localized content
- Experiential Opportunities
- Local Tour Advertising
- Conferences & Expos
  • Gamification opportunities
    Reward programs
    In-dispensary Advertising
    And many more

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